Building SSO using Identity Server 4.0 (.NET Core 2.0)

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This talk is about building Single Sign-On infrastructure using a set of off-the-shelf components. We will discuss in details how the components interact with each other, as well as consider various options of using OAuth depending on the specific architecture. After the talk, you'll learn how to add SSO to your application, writing just a few lines of code.

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Viacheslav Mikhailov
Viacheslav Mikhailov

Viacheslav is a solution architect in DataArt. Has got a professional education in computer science, works in IT for 20 years. Is mostly into Finance Industry (8 years), IT security (3 years) and other enterprise development. Viacheslav has a wide range of experience, starting from the iterative decomposition of highly coupled legacy systems and up to designing and building scalable microservices architectures with zero downtime.