A "bulletproof" pizza store

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Sometimes even with decent code coverage and extensive regression testing, bugs still appear out of nowhere. Dodo IS development team is not an exception.

While migrating away from monolith to a service-based architecture, some questions came up: who is responsible for testing the new services? Which tests find bugs better: manually written or generated ones?

We will focus on the problem of efficient tests with the property-based approach. Examples will show how:

  • FsCheck tool can be used in conjunction with C#;
  • teamwork of business operators, QA engineers, and developers are a key factor for a "bulletproof" pizza store.

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Yulia Kovaleva
Yulia Kovaleva
Dodo Pizza

Yulia has a master’s degree in IT and has worked in the sphere of testing for the last 5 years. Her first serious decision was a relocation to Saint Petersburg. This allowed her to change the vector from fundamental education to applied one. She rose from a test analyst to a test project developer with lead responsibilities. She is not afraid of using new languages and frameworks for automation. For her it is important to find balance when choosing tools and approaches in testing. A year ago, she first made speeches at several conferences and this year she hopes that the April DotNext will please all the participants both with interesting talks and a soulful atmosphere of St. Petersburg.