Microservice interaction with HTTP/2

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HTTP/2 not only speeds up the loading of web pages, but also optimizes the interaction of microservices in a distributed system. Our infrastructure team used HTTP/2 in a new service and faced some curious challenges. Check out a fascinating fail story about performance, magic constants and unmanaged memory leakage.

The main goal of this talk is to share the experience of using HTTP/2 to optimize the inter-service interaction in the .NET framework and Windows.

The talk will be of interest to fans of detective stories about performance; developers of .NET microservices; people who are busy testing HTTP services.

Keywords: .NET, C #, HTTP / 2, WinDbg, microservice architecture, long polling, load testing.

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Evgeny Zhirov

Evgenii Zhirov is a software developer at SKB Kontur. As a member of infrastructure team, he develops and supports common libraries, custom distributed tracing system and other high-performance solutions.

His main interests in IT include building robust and scalable HTTP services, software performance, C# and .NET technologies, robotics and IoT. He loves to share knowledge with other people and does this by teaching robotics and C# programming at Ural Federal University.