Building microservices with .NET Core and Docker

Day 2 /  / Track 1  /  EN / Introduction to technology

.NET Core is the “new” way of building .NET applications and it is very cloud- and container friendly. In this session, we’ll show you how you can use these technologies to build containerized microservices based applications. The sessions contains 20% of slides and 80% of code.

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Edwin van Wijk
Info Support

Edwin has been working in IT since 1999 and is currently working as Principal Software Architect and Microsoft Community lead at Info Support in the Netherlands. He's a Microsoft MVP in the Developer Technologies category.

His primary areas of expertise are: building distributed systems, systems integration, (web-scale) software architecture and patterns, software craftsmanship, .NET (Core) development, Azure and DevOps. Edwin likes sharing his knowledge about these subjects by publishing videos and speaking on events.