Natural language processing in .NET

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The text is the primary source of information in the world, the speech is the primary way of communication between people, altogether becoming a popular channel of communication with computers. Applications like search, chat-bots and personal assistants are already utilizing the knowledge taken from human speech and text. Why cannot your application benefit as well?

During the talk we will discuss NLP capabilities provided by .NET framework, cloud APIs like Language Understanding Service (LUIS) from Azure Cognitive Services and IBM Watson. We will also take a look at popular NuGet packages like Stanford.NLP.NET, OpenNLP.NET, and others.

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Sergey Tihon
EPAM Systems

Solution architect at EPAM System, author of F# Weekly, Microsoft F# MVP, open source enthusiast — maintainer of Stanford.NLP.NET, OpenNLP.NET, SwaggerProvider and some other fsprojects.